Membership Policy:

By enrolling in or using any of the membership services at RainCheck Golf, you agree to be bound by these Terms. Please read them carefully.


  1. Membership Description and Billing
    • The membership services include occupying a limited membership spot upon purchase, making an appointment using our booking software, accessing our facility, taking or arranging golf lessons, use of our golf simulators, equipment, and other outlined facilities based on your selected plan.
    • By enrolling in a monthly membership, you agree to pay the specified monthly fee, which will be automatically billed to the payment method provided by you. The monthly fee is non-refundable and will be charged on a recurring monthly basis until you cancel your membership.
  1. Membership Cancellation and Refunds
    • You may cancel your membership at any time by providing written notice to RainCheck Golf at least 7 days before the next billing cycle. Failure to provide any notice will result in billing for the next month.
    • By signing up for a membership you acknowledge RainCheck Golf’s membership benefits are subject to change. You agree changes in the products provided by our memberships or failure on our part to provide these products/services does not qualify you for a refund of any kind.
    • No refunds will be issued for any remaining days in the billing cycle in which the cancellation was requested un any circumstances. No prorated refunds will be given for the remaining period of the membership.
  1. Pro Membership Terms
    • The first month’s membership fee for the Pro Membership will be prorated from the enrolment date to the end of that month.
    • Once a Pro Membership is purchased, the member will be locked into a 3-month subscription starting the month following the prorated first month if applicable, which cannot be cancelled under any circumstances until the end of the commitment period’s third month.
    • Billing for Pro Memberships will automatically stop at the end of the winter season (April 30th) and will not resume the following year.
  1. Use of Facilities
    • Members may reserve simulator time within a reasonable amount based on availability, adhering to RainCheck Golf’s rules, policies, terms, and conditions.
    • Members are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations, maintaining respectful behaviour towards staff, other members/players, and the facility as outlined in the facility rules.
    • Members are allowed to bring up to a maximum of 3 guests with them per booking. Members must also be present during all bookings made using their account. Sharing of memberships with players not listed on the membership will result in the immediate termination of your membership.
  1. Incorporation of RainCheck Golf Policies
    • All members are subject to RainCheck Golf’s Release & Waiver, Terms of Use, Membership Policy and House Rules, as agreed to upon sign-up through our registration form. These Terms of Use and Rules are subject to change at any time. By agreeing to these membership terms you understand it is your responsibility to stay up to date with any changes to these policies listed above.
    • Any breach of RainCheck Golf’s Terms of Use, Membership Policy or Rules may result in immediate termination of the member’s membership without warning, and without any refund. 
    • Termination of a member’s membership during a commitment period does not stop their recurring billing until the end of the 3-month period.